Our Forum's Purpose

The purpose of the Odalic forum is to promote a beneficial exchange of ideas between ethnic European Pagans. We welcome as members people of European ancestry worldwide.
Our forum is a continuation of the now deceased http://odalist.boards.net and its purpose is to promote true European values, traditions and way of life, and, of course, to talk about the many European Gods and Mythologies.

Our community is addressed only to people of European descent and, as stated in our Rules, the promotion of what we consider as anti-European ideologies (e.g. Christianity, leftist political and cultural ideologies) have absolutely no place here.

There is no Odalic "Bible" and never will be. Each has his own views on the Gods, his life, his family, etc. However, we are united by our fight for the rebirth and survival of European values and traditions, and by our desire to once again see Europeans proud of what they are.

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