FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Are you guys serious?
You bet! This is not a place for role-play or cosplay. We live in accordance to the customs and wisdom of our pre-Christian forebears.

Are you all Norse Heathens?
No, we follow the European traditions. The way it is followed is an individual matter and it depends on the person's blood and cultural ties.

So what exactly is a European then?
A European is anyone of European descent. The term is self explanatory. For people who insist on a more specific answer, we can define European people as: the indigenous and native, Caucasian race, white skinned, ethnic groups, who have lived in the landmass and islands between the Arctic Circle to the North and the Greek Islands to the South; and from Iceland in the West, to the Ural Mountains in the East.

Are you racists?
We are race conscious without shame. But we're not so racist to think that all peoples of the world should "develop" and live according to white societies' standards.

You're white supremacists!!!
We are in the sense we recognize that the loftier aspects of our societies were created by European blood and it could only have happened like that. We also support racial segregation as the only way to preserve true diversity on earth.

But science has proven race doesn't exist.
Scientists have abandoned this word in fear of losing funding and being shunned from their community. Research on race has never stopped though, it just continued under names such as "populations" and "genetic clusters". So stop whining about it and go read some real scientific papers instead of spewing the shit you heard from mainstream media.

Why don't you accept Christians? You're only creating division!
The Bible is a Semitic religious text. Any adult person that obliges to it is certainly more in line with foreign and non-European elements than with his own ancestors. There's also another alternative to that, i.e., a rather common form of delusion where the afflicted believes Jesus to have been a red-haired, blue-eyed man of European stock. Either way, that's not the kind of person we are looking for here.

Are you affiliated with any other groups/persons/ideologies?
No, we walk our own path and can only answer for our own ideas and actions.

What is your position on women?
It is no secret that Pagan European societies were always the most respectful towards women. For us, women are both the jewels and foundations of our families and societies and that should say enough. We oppose any form of downgrading women, like a Semitic family structure, or a Feminist social ideology.

What do you want to achieve with all this?
We aim to surpass what every opposing group has achieved so far, both by online and IRL actions. After two millennia of oppression and genocide, the web has given us the unprecedented opportunity to reunite what was once whole.

Why do you want my picture?

Given our current means this is the best way to guarantee that members are indeed of European descent. It also requires you to take a leap of faith, which creates an environment of trust between all involved. We take security seriously and all photos are sent to an encrypted account and deleted after verification. We are well aware that we are going to be called "shills" and other names. Well, if what you want is to hide inside your basement for the rest of your life you're free to do so. On the other hand, if you have read the questions here and identified with the answers, please be welcome!

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