How to Create an Account and Have it Verified

Welcome to the Odalic Forum!

Here are the steps to create an account and have it verified:

  1. Creating the account is simple, just click the "Register" link at the top-right of the screen and follow the instructions, just like any other forum.
  2. Once you've done that, we need to activate your account (you will not be able to log in as long as your account have not been activated). We're looking for devoted members able to bring quality discussions so this step is necessary. Send us an email (address at the bottom of this post) with 1) your username 2) your ancestry 3) a picture of yourself with your computer screen in the background showing our forum.
  3. Once we have approved your registration (see Rules & Requirements) the email and picture you sent us will be permanently deleted and you will be given new access rights which will allow you to present yourself to our fellow members. We don't need a 200-page autobiography... tell us what brings you here, what is your ancestry, what do you believe in, etc.

We care about your privacy as much as you, we will never share you picture with anyone. Your email is deleted once your account is validated. Our email provider, ProtonMail, is privacy-oriented.

These requirements are in place to provide all of us as honest and true environment as is reasonably possible on the internet. Take these steps boldly, if you so choose, and proceed to greet us and become part of a dedicated and growing community!

Email (please check your spam folder when waiting for our response):

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