Rules & Requirements

To be part of our community simple rules must be respected and some requirements must be met.

  • The first requirement is that you be of European descent (see here).
  • The second requirement is that your first post shall be in our Introductions thread. You will have full access to our forum only after your introduction (by the way, this is not an automatic process so please be patient).
  • The third requirement is that you keep up posting. We are a forum for discussion.

  • Aim for quality discussions instead of quantity.
  • Stay European: respect other members, their opinion and stay courteous.
  • Stay positive: find ways to promote Ôðalism to fellow Europeans instead of trying to go after our enemies and lamenting at their actions.
  • Do not promote anti-European religions and ideologies (Christianity, globalism, communism, leftism, etc.).

Failure to meet these rules will result in a warning or a ban. Respect them and respect you will earn.

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